August 18 – 26, 2022

Taglialatella Gallery – New York is excited to present a solo show of work from Matt Gondek. Fight Club is an exclusive NFT and physical collection of Gondek’s latest works; 25 unique hand-crafted baseball bats dripping with paint, covered with spikes, and created with punk rock energy for striking street pop impact. The show will be on view from August 18 – 26, 2022. 

Matt Gondek is a Deconstructive Pop Artist, with sold-out exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. Celebrating rebellion and destruction with finesse, Gondek’s work packs a punch — with visceral pop art color palette and disarmingly playful perspective, he tears down nostalgic cartoon idols from the past with hard-driving spirit. Born in 1982, his creative voice is rooted in the 90s; as a true conduit of his generation and their potentially pointless search for purpose amidst the cruelties of a flawed world.

“These Fight Club spiked bats are a metaphor for the deconstruction, bright colors, and punk rock elements so prevalent in my work. These bats have followed me throughout my creative life, appearing in physical exhibitions, paintings, and the w­hite-knuckled hands of my toys and sculptures.

Each bat is hand-carved with spikes installed, paint applied, and grip tape wrapped by hand. They are different, with their uniqueness coming both from the organic nature of their creation and the deliberately designed color and pattern variations.

The NFT is a photograph of the real physical bat. A ‘Fight Club’ NFT can be burned for its physical correlation or the owner can retain the NFT and receive a signed, hand embellished print. Physical bats will arrive signed and numbered, and the final number of remaining physical bats will be determined by how many NFTs are burned.”

Matt Gondek, 2022

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