ART BASH Press Play! | September 26, 2023

October 3rd 2023 – Everyone came to PLAY at Art Bash PRESS PLAY! on Thursday evening and we’re still basking in the energy and fun that encapsulated the whole night! It was the biggest AGO fundraising event yet and was an opportunity to celebrate art and creativity in a big and bold AGO way.

The night also marked the Canadian museum debut of the playful and serious, larger-than-life works of KAWS, aka Brian Donnelly. The exhibition will be open to annual pass holders as of October 4, and General Admission October 11. KAWS: Family is a chance to explore the themes pervasive to the KAWS’ oeuvre and observe the artist’s meticulous methods, creative process and range, through more than 75 artworks including wall murals, sketches, paintings, sculptures, and product collaborations.

Taglialatella Gallery is proud to showcase his work and is currently displaying many of his unique and beloved pieces. If you’re a fan and want to learn more about KAWS reach out to the gallery at for a price list of his available works.

Also taking centre stage at the AGO is a work by artist Jordan Sook titled “Natural Selection” that is being exhibited amidst the Thompson Collection of Canadian Art. “Natural Selection is a 6-foot sphere composed entirely of basketballs, that explores the inherent human desire to reach new heights and the pursuit of personal and collective elevation. This artwork serves as a visual metaphor for the aspirations we often strive for, even when they may seem unattainable.

Drawing inspiration from Canadian history and the transformative impact of basketball, the artist delves into the journey initiated by James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, whose invention has transcended its humble origins to become a powerful cultural force. Naismith’s creation symbolizes the relentless pursuit of progress and the desire to elevate oneself.

The spherical shape of the artwork draws parallel to the globe, emphasizing the universal nature of these aspirations. Each basketball, representing an individual endeavor, a personal goal, or a collective dream. As viewers interact with the artwork, they become aware of the intricate network of ambitions that intertwine and intersect, creating a vibrant tapestry of aspirations and form the world we live in.”

Taglialatella Galleries and Yorkville Murals is proud to have been instrumental in bringing this project to life. A big thank you to everyone who came out to ART BASH this year, we can’t wait to fast forward to next year and Press Play again!

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