The much anticipated new body of work by Stikki Peaches


October 26, 2021 – Taglialatella Galleries, Toronto is excited to present Bello’s and Bella’s East End Thrillas – Wildin’ in the GTA, the much anticipated new body of work by Montreal-based street artist Stikki Peaches. This new show, taking place at Art Toronto on the weekend of October 29-31, is a no holds barred foray into the practice of one of Canada’s hottest emerging talents. This latest showcase exemplifies just how much Stikki has honed his craft; his exploration of texture produces an unprecedented richness and weight. Each piece holds a wealth of detail and references just waiting to be discovered. We invite your gaze to linger as you take in these original canvases, collages, and street prints. There is always more than meets the eye. 

Art Toronto | Metro Convention Center
October 29-31
Bellos and Bellas East End Thrillas | Wildin’ in the GTA
Whether we’re wildin’ in Rome or the GTA,
We roll with clenched fists and veins to the sky.
Slow down? Nahhh…
The faster we ride, the better the chances
of breaking down those walls.
You thought she looked so cute in pink, right?
Wait till you see her in black & chrome.
There’s no boys or girls night here;
Just night – and we blend right in.
From me to you, Bellos & Bellas.
– Stikki
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