Breakfast Television sat down with Mr. Brainwash to talk about the launch of his latest exhibition, Toronto Is Beautiful at Taglialatella Galleries, showcasing a series of works that highlight his signature playful juxtapositions of cultural icons of the past with the present, while stylistically paying homage to an array of artists from Andy Warhol to Keith Haring and Banksy.

BT: Tell us a little bit more about what brought you to Toronto this time.

MB: ‘It’s a wall that i’m doing, an exhibition of a gallery show that they’re showing of my work and to leave my mark somewhere. Like I said, it’s the first little step so we’re trying to bring some colours, some love and some happiness to Toronto. It;s only the beginning this is small, but we’re going to go bigger like a kid, big, big, I don’t want to stop.'”

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