June 22, 2023 – The ever-elusive international sensation, Banksy, has announced his first solo museum show in 14 years! Cut and Run: 25 Years Card Labour will be on view at the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art all summer long. The show celebrates some fo the most iconic moments in the artist’s storied carer. On view are noteworthy collaborations, never-before-seen stencils from classic murals, and sketches for the mechanism behind the infamous self-shredding Balloon Girl. 

“I’ve kept these stencils hidden away for years, mindful they could be used as evidence in a charge of criminal damage. But that moment seems to have passed, so now I’m exhibiting them in a gallery as works of art. I’m not sure which is the greater crime.”

– Banksy

The excitement built by Banksy’s splashy return to the forefront of the international art scene brings momentum to the artist’s market. Major institutional shows create buzzy demand, and substantial investment potential is expected throughout the duration of the show. Taglialatella Galleries is excited to be able to offer an in-road into collecting works by this very desirable name. If you are interested in seeing our exclusive selection of unique pieces and iconic prints at incentivized prices, please check out Banksy page here.

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