Not only is Yorkville getting an architectural change, but it is also getting more public art courtesy of Taglialatella Toronto and RISK. The TorontoGuardian sat down with the legendary graffiti artist to talk about his first Canadian solo show at Taglialatella Galleries, which features a collection of neon and car plate artworks and in true RISK fashion, he’s painted one of his signature murals on the exterior and interior of the Yorkville gallery just in time for the show.

“Graffiti art began 30 years ago for you when it was still considered vandalism. Some of it is still considered that way. When did you notice a change in attitude?

RISK: I noticed the most significant change in the attitude around graffiti at the Art in the Streets show – an exhibition that traced the history of graffiti and street art from the 70s to what it has become today – curated by Jeffrey Dietch and Roger Gastman.

Is there graffiti etiquette? 

RISK: Yes, there are a few rules. Mostly don’t go over anyone better than you. There’s a hierarchy within the graffiti world of what can cover existing graffiti – a ‘tag’ can legitimately be covered by a ‘throw-up’, and a ‘throw-up’ by a ‘piece’.”

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RISK will exhibit at Taglialatella Galleries – Toronto, from November 1st through November 15th, 2019.

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