In an interview with Toronto-based freelance artist and photographer Peter Andrew Lusztyk, the TorontoGuardian sat down with the artist to discuss his first solo exhibition with Taglialatella Toronto which focuses on his Currency series. Finding interest in Canadian currency, he captures not only the physical story of a coin but the nationality of Canada, in one shot.

“Currency seems to be fading away as we’ve witnessed over the years either being taking out of circulation or because of the movement towards a cashless society. What inspired you to bring attention back to it?

Lusztyk: I think it’s really just a sense of nostalgia. Especially with this Bird Series of Canadian money. It was the money that was around when I was in high school so it really resonates with me. I remember buying weed with the $2 bill. 

What makes everyday objects beautiful to you?

Lusztyk: It’s their ubiquitousness, the mass production, the fact that we all participate in their use. That shared experience forms a shared nostalgia and that idea is beautiful to me.”

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Peter Andrew Lusztyk, Two Dollar Bill (Canada)

“Two Dollar Bill (Canada)” by Peter Andrew Lusztyk, digital contact print on Kodak Endura paper.

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