April 1, 2022 – Last night, Taglialatella Galleries – New York hosted The Digital Pioneers, a group exhibition of NFTs powered by SuperRare, framed by LAGO. 
In collaboration with SuperRare – a marketplace to collect and trade unique, single-edition digital artworks – Taglialatella exhibited a collection of nine different 1/1 NFTs at the gallery’s flagship location, 229 10th Ave. in Chelsea. The nine unique Non-Fungible Tokens were displayed by LAGO, the elegant frame designed specifically for minted artworks. 
In The Digital Pioneers, each NFT was auctioned on SuperRare’s online platform, and displayed on the dedicated second floor exhibition space where guests could view and bid on each NFT in person.
New NFTs were be minted by three of Taglialatella’s most recognized artists, Logan Hicks, Joe Iurato and Shelby & Sandy, and auctioned alongside six NFTs previously sold on SuperRare’s marketplace by artists Pak x Sarah Zucker, Coldie, Guido, Dmitri Genesis, Vanarman and Osinachi

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