October 9th 2023 – Eric Stefanski has quickly become one of the most exciting artists to emerge on the contemporary American art scene. Born in 1987 and growing up in Chicago, he was heavily influenced by 90s street art that surrounded him in his childhood. He attended the School of the Art Institute in Chicago for his bachelor’s degree and his MFA at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts in Boston. At these schools, Stefanski learned to expand his artistic pallet and explore mediums. He also began to navigate the direction of his work, paving the general themes that would dominate his paintings.

One look at Stefanski’s paintings and you’re bound to have a laugh. His most recent works are mostly large-scale oil paintings that have some type of quirky saying on them. Through his art, he aims to capture the highs and lows of being an artist. His work is a reflection on the failure, humor, and sincerity that comes with being an artist. Stefanski says “It’s the reach for ‘artistic greatness’ but continuously coming up short and falling on your face that’s a recurring theme. There are references to art history, pop culture, sports, labor and my own personal history in the work.”

From more melancholic sayings like “EVERYTHING IS SHIT” to more upbeat paintings that say “OUR ROMANCE IS REAL,” there are pieces that can resonate with all. A 4 by 5 gallery of smaller paintings hangs on the gallery walls at Taglialatella Toronto. There is a plethora of colors, but somehow each piece complements the other. Most of them have Stefanski’s ironic words splattered on them, while others are conceptual.

In his genius approach to art, Eric Stefanski creates thoughtful renderings of life’s looming stressors. His brilliance not only shines through in his sharp and witty wordplay but also in his skillful artistry that brings forth stunning creations. Relaying these powerful messages through art is what makes Stefanski so special. To know his work is a gift to the art sphere and society at large.

Be sure to come explore the installation of Stefanski’s work currently on display at Taglialatella Gallery! View the entire selection here.

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